UG syllabus R 2013

Antenna and Wave propagation Syllabus EC6602 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Antenna and Wave propagation Syllabus

Antenna and Wave propagation Syllabus EC6602 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. EC6602 Syllabus free pdf download.

UNIT I FUNDAMENTALS OF RADIATION Antenna and Wave propagation Syllabus

Definition of antenna parameters – Gain, Directivity, Effective aperture, Radiation Resistance, Band width, Beam width, Input Impedance. Matching – Baluns, Polarization mismatch, Antenna noise temperature, Radiation from oscillating dipole, Half wave dipole. Folded dipole, Yagi array.

UNIT II APERTURE AND SLOT ANTENNAS Antenna and Wave propagation Syllabus

Radiation from rectangular apertures, Uniform and Tapered aperture, Horn antenna , Reflector antenna , Aperture blockage , Feeding structures , Slot antennas ,Microstrip antennas – Radiation mechanism – Application ,Numerical tool for antenna analysis


N element linear array, Pattern multiplication, Broadside and End fire array – Concept of Phased arrays, Adaptive array, Basic principle of antenna Synthesis-Binomial array

UNIT IV SPECIAL ANTENNAS Antenna and Wave propagation Syllabus

Principle of frequency independent antennas –Spiral antenna, Helical antenna, Log periodic. Modern antennas- Reconfigurable antenna, Active antenna, Dielectric antennas, Electronic band gap structure and applications, Antenna Measurements-Test Ranges, Measurement of Gain, Radiation pattern, Polarization, VSWR

UNIT V PROPAGATION OF RADIO WAVES Antenna and Wave propagation Syllabus

Modes of propagation , Structure of atmosphere , Ground wave propagation , Tropospheric propagation , Duct propagation, Troposcatter propagation , Flat earth and Curved earth concept Sky wave propagation – Virtual height, critical frequency , Maximum usable frequency – Skip distance, Fading , Multi hop propagation

Subject Name Antenna and Wave propagation
Subject code EC6602
Regulation 2013

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