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118 replies on “Should Anna University Conduct Exam”

Kindly cancel Arrear exam also
Some of them suffer in Corona issue.
Kindly announce All pass for arrear Exam student , those who are paid exam fees .
They may happy little bit .
TN GOVT pls Consider student life also

Exam conduct should be done . Covid-19 gets normal conditions. Future generations are got critical situation for placements or their life. Talents are gets down .Shall kept exam soon as per condition For passed out students

Incase exams conduct panal matha district students Chennai College la padikurangha AU la so avangala epdi varavngha avnagha parents epdi allow panuvangha safety dha first ellaru papangha… idhu safty yum kedaiyadhu…incase exams conduct panalum AU student oruthanuku corono vandhalum apro exams cancel pandra. Situvation vandhal what will they do? So better cancel pandradhu dhan safety students please consider over it thank you sir.

Need not to conduct the xams. If suppose Tami Nadu govt conducts the xam it’s definitely so many students will effect by the Corona thn the Tamil Nadu govt will face many pblms

Also make lectures and notes for chemical Engineering branch. It will be more useful for arrear holders in that branch.

மதிப்பிற்குரிய தேர்வு கட்டுப்பாட்டாளர் அவர்களுக்கு வணக்கம்…
நாங்கள் கொரானா என்ற கொடிய நோயால் பாதிக்கப்பட்ட பகுதிகளில் வசிப்பதால் தேர்வு எழுத செல்லும் மன பக்குவத்தில் இல்லை ஆகையால் தேர்வினை ரத்து செய்யுமாறு வேண்டுகிறோம்…

No need of least for this semester.the conditions are very bad now. In this Corona time, conducting exams are dangerous so please human life is more important.nothing is gonna happen if u dont conduct exam for a single sem.

Being hostler students we did not bring any notes since we were not that much aware of this corona virus. We can’t able to read anything in this situation, so kindly cancel the semester exam.

Exam should cancel pls and cancel the reg2017 bcz no one has prepared for the exam and no safety due to coronavirus

அண்ணா யுனிவர்சிட்டி இப்போ நீ தேர்வு வெச்சனா கொரோனா என்கிற கொடிய தலைவன் எங்கள காதலிச்சிட்டு கடைசில ஏமாத்தி எங்கள சாகடிச்சிடுவான் – சாவரத்துக்கு நா ஏன் தேர்வு எழுதனும் 🤨🤨🤨###இப்போ நா என்ன சொல்ல வரேன்னா MY கருத்து AND என்னுடைய செல்லக்கூடிய என்கிற அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழக மாணவர்கள் மற்றும் சிங்க பெண்கள் என்கிற மாணவிகளுக்கோ தேர்வு எழுத பிடிக்கள _____ஆகையால தேர்வ CANCEL பண்ணு 🤔நா புரீதா “”””பண்ணல அலுதிடுவோம்😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕 நீயாபகம் வெச்சிக்கொ 😖பன்ற நா

I’m a hosteller. I don’t get any books and materials from my hostel because we expect the lock down was just March month only.But our expectations are bursted. So this is the situation that we haven’t study well and there is no material to study well for exam.Kindly cancel the Examination please☹️

Exam should cancel because corona cases are high in country Ifcase exam should held it will problem to au ,please cancel the exam

There are many problems in our state ,in this time the exams are very doleful for students for all students like schools and Colleges…if we conduct the exams ..we will easily takeovers the Maharashtra corona virus patients .At this state 75,000 patients are going on .just think and take a decision ,life is more important than exams .

அண்ணா university exam conduct பண்ண வேண்டாம். ஏனெனில் எங்கள் கல்லூரியில் 35% தான் பாடம் நடத்தி முடித்து இருகிறார்கள் online class என்று சொல்லி வெறும் assignment தான் எழுத சொல்லுகிறார்கள். அதனால் 35% பாடம் மட்டுமே தெரியும் மீதி 65% பாடம் ஒன்றும் தெரியாது. அதனால் செமஸ்டர் exam நடத்த வேண்டாம் என்று கேட்டுக்கொள்கிறேன்.

I am studying mechanical engineering 1st year. Not Even the fifty percent of the syllabus is completed. And our college didn’t conducted any online classes. And students health is very important. Please do not contact exam

Please cancel the exam because we are in the critical condition if the exams or class conducted means it leads to critical 😷 condition
Students who are studying in final year their exam want to be cancel because their health is also in danger
So University who is responsible for everything want to take a perfect step for this case
Thanking you

I am located about 45-50 kms aways from my college, it’s impossible to me travel there to write offline examination.
There is also no proper transportation to get there.

Also I am from an poor family, so I didn’t even have laptop or proper android mobile to write online examination.

Not only me , but there are also many people who is still suffering without proper jobs and food and money.
Some of people are from other districts, so they can’t able to come over to our college without any transportation to write offline exams.

Also most of us are poor people, so we didn’t even have network and device and other facilities to write online examination.

So please consider us, we are still struggling heavily.

Please promote us or keep open book examination as like UGC guidlines.

I don’t have any notes and I didn’t prepare anything else for this semester pls kindly cancel the exam’s 😢😢😢

I am in hostel student, so I came to first lockdown period because could not bring books and notes. Please cancel examination.

அண்ணா ப்ளீஸ் university exam அ cancel பண்ணுங்க. அது தான் எல்லோரின் விருப்பமாக இருக்கிறது. அதனால் தயவு செய்து university exam ஐ cancel செய்யுங்கள். 🙏🙏🙏

What ever may the matter .Take a decision very quickly because .in case exams is conformed the students will start studing.or else if exams is not there .the students will became tension free.due to ANNA UNIVERSITY past announcements in stucuor app and government announcemts.. the students are confused .so kind reQUEst to AU please take decision quickly

Dear anna universty,We have no clear mind to attend the exams. So consider our situation to decide.
Thanking you

Sir, it is really becoming a hard lifetime during this corona days. I’m a 3rd year student from Kerala. So it is really difficult to travel their without getting affected. And students like me(hostellers) did not carry book. So i kindly request the university team to cancel this semester exam.

Final year student Anna enaku oru arrear tha exam cancel aana arrear Ena aagum so exam final year matum vaikanum Anna

Need to cancel university exam because other state students how they are write exam and hostel students all are don’t have calss w9rk notes and books they are kept the study materials in college hostel and transport issues so please consider our request to cancel university exam save students life atleast cancel current exams paper. Reg by all students and parents

Conducting semester exams, which involves migration of lakhs and lakhs of students to different districts. Though we follow social distancing the probability of one can get affected by the virus is high. Which induces a chain reaction to thousands of students appearing for the semester exams. Better option is to cancel semester exams as many states in India has done it already why can’t we and many states will likely to follow the same decision. Even Anna University vice chancellor pointed we give atmost importantance to public opinion. Please cancel the exams for all years ……thank you

exam cancel pananum bro bcoz exam conduct pana students affect aavanga idhu naala govt than prblm face panra maari irukum so pls exam ah seekiram cancel pani students stress ah reduce panunga

I am a final year student stayed in hostel. I didn’t have any books or material in my home . Unfortunately I am leaving the hostel for weekend I am not ready to attend the exam.please kindly cancel our exam . 🙏🙏

Polytechnic College 1st and 2nd year College of Engineering students canceling the exam and declare that the University of Anna should declare that all students have passed.

I’m studying final year BE CSE. MCQ are very tough compared to offline exam writing. It has minimum Chance to get passed and the marks will be reduced , CGPA will go down . I don’t know what to do.

Exam cancel pannina final years Kum cancel pannunka. ilatii, yaarukum cancel pannatheenka.. Setha elllaarum seyyntheyy yrs 7 sem vara kastapattu kadanthu vanthirukom. Department subjects Ellem complete pannirukom… Ipo department sub padikiravankaluku cancel pannina complete Panina final yrs Kum cancel panunka..

No need to conduct exams the Corona cases are increasing day by day if u keep exams it is not safe for plz make us to move on to the next semester .In other universities they took the final decision quickly and made the students to move AU take the final decision as soon as quick

Incase exam cancel panna final year students ku Sethu exam cancel pannanum Arrear exam ku online la nadathitu mark podalam

please consider final yr 2,3 backlog students….what we will do!?..if current semester cancel..when we will write it?? we’ll get a job!??

Cancel arrear and current semester exams.We are in a confusion.Conducting semester exams including arrears may cause huge may increase the no of corona virus cases very much.

1 ARREAR vachi irukravanga placement la select aagi velaiku povardhuku wait panitu irupanga…ipo neenga current subject matum all clear panitu arrear exm ah aprm pathuklam nu. vituta 1 or 2 arrear vachi irukra students romba affect final semester padikravangaluku onu exm vainga..ilana odisha mari panunga..edhume pana mudilana exams ah postponed endha mudivu eduthalum student future affect aagadha mari irukanum please🙏🙏

Sir me and my frds were stay in hostel .now we are in our home but our materials are in hostel so we cannot able to read along the family situations so pls cancel the examination .thank you

Sir.. Daya by day Corona cases are increasing in our area…. We can’t go out from one street to another streets……. To buy anything..
I wish we don’t exams for in this situation for the engineering exams.. Of the Anna university colleges.. #CANCELAUTN exams..

We have to face soo many pbm if the exam get cancelled so don’t support for cancellations blindly , arrear students are going to suffer a lot ,they lose attempts ,toppers also will be affected exam will be conducted after the recovery from corona

Mr.AU…Plz cancel the exams…. for all yrs…coz day by day covid-19 cases r increasing in our state…and pls mainly consider the final yrs….incase if any final yr students have below five backlogs…pls say to give pass to those students…coz it’s make very big help to us….pls consider our problem… and make a decision……for all yr students especially for final yr students…..

The thing is .. having exam is not an issue.. matha state mari current and minimum arrears acham clr panii vitta nalrku ilana August month mari exam conduct panna ok..bcoz neraiya per idha last chance cgpa improve panla nu irupaga

Hi , cancel the exams for all current students and give grades like a 10 th std or other marts partialities, then plz conduct special exams and passed out student exams bcoz passed out special exam students are hardly waiting for that exam and need certificate must to join any job on anywhere so plz conduct exam for those students (passed out and special exam students)

I am student of pass out 2019 batch I am having arrer in mathematics and I am living in Chennai but my collage in other dist. So plz take of student health and cancel exam and put pass for minimum arrears…. Take decision soon…..

I am a final yr student with 2 back paper…pls don’t cancel the exams for final years……be consider finalyrs future too….

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