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ME8391 Important Questions ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS Regulation 2017 Anna University


ME8391 Important Questions ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS Important Questions ME8391 pdf free download.

Sample ME8391 Important Questions ENGINEERING THERMODYNAMICS:

1. Define internal energy.

2. Express mathematically first law of thermodynamic for the following.

a. a closed system undergoing a process
b. a stationary system of fixed mass undergoing a change of state
c. a closed system undergoing a cycle.
d. an open system.
e. an open system with steady-state flow conditions. (ME8391 Important Questions Engineering Thermodynamics)

3. Define flow energy and enthalpy.

4. For a stationary system of fixed mass undergoing a process such that its volume remains constant,

5. dQ  dh  vdp for closed system undergoing a process (T/F). (ME8391 Important Questions Engineering Thermodynamics)

6. Define specific heat at (a) constant pressure (b) constant volume

7. Determine the power of the cycle comprising four processes in which the heat transfers are : 50 kJ/kg, 20 kJ/kg, 7l J/kg and 12 kJ/kg having 100 cycles per minute. [48.3 kW] (ME8391 Important Questions Engineering Thermodynamics)

8. Write the steady flow energy equation and explain the terms involved in it.

9. Show that energy is a property of the system.

10. What are conditions for steady flow process?

11. A piston-cylinder assembly contains 1kg or nitrogen at 100 kPa. The initial volume is 0.5 m3. Heat is transferred to the substance in an amount necessary to cause a slow expansion at constant temperature. This process is terminated when the final volume is twice the initial volume. (ME8391 Important Questions Engineering Thermodynamics)

12. 2 kg of air enclosed in a rigid container receives 0.2 kJ of paddle wheel work and 0.5 kJ of electrical energy per second. Heat loss from the system is 0.6 kJ/s. If the initial temperature is 25oC what will be the temperature after 5 minutes?

13. A well insulated, frictionless piston-cylinder assembly contains 0.5 kg of air initially at 75oC and 300 kPa. An electric – resistance heating element inside the cylinder is energized and causes the air temperature to reach 150oC. The pressure of the air is maintained constant throughout the process. Determine the work for the process and the amount of electrical work. (ME8391 Important Questions Engineering Thermodynamics)

14. A cylinder contains 168 litres of a gas at a pressure of 1 bar and temperature of 47oC. If this gas is compressed to one-twelfth of its volume, pressure is then 21 bar. Find

a. index of compression

b. change in internal energy

c. heat rejected during compression
Take Cp 1.089 and Cv 0.837 both in kJ/kg


Semester 3
Subject Code MA8391
Regulation 2017 regulation

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