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ME6404 Question Bank THERMAL ENGINEERING Regulation 2013 Anna University


ME6404 Question Bank THERMAL ENGINEERING Question Bank Regulation 2013 Anna University pdf free download.

Sample ME6404 Question Bank:

1. Classify IC engine according to cycle of lubrication system and field of application.

2. Types of lubrication system

3. List the various components of IC engines.

4. Name the basic thermodynamic cycles of the two types of internal combustion reciprocating engines.

5. Mention the important requites of liner material.

6. State the purpose of providing piston in IC engines.

7. Define the terms as applied to reciprocating I.C. engines “Mean effective pressure” and “Compression ratio”.

8. What is meant by highest useful compression ratio?

9. What are the types of piston rings?

10. What is the use of connecting rod?

11. What is the use of flywheel?

12. Which factor increases detonation in IC engines?

13. Which factor do not have much influence in detonation?

14. For maximum power, air-fuel ratio should be?

15. For maximum economy, air-fuel ratio should be?

16. For maximum power we need is?

17. Cold starting required?

18. Knock in SI engine can be reduced by

19. In 2-stroke engines wich two strokes are eliminated?

20. Which efficiency will reduce if fresh charge filled is reduced?

21. SFC decreases as power capacity of engine?

22. What about the NOx emission when the compression ratio decreases?

23. Methods used for preparing bio-diesel?

24. Nox, Sox, HC can be determined by ?

25. What is blending of fuel?

26. Is hydrogen fuel is storable?

27. The following results refer to a test on a petrol engine Indicated power = 30 Kw, Brake power = 26 Kw, Engine speed = 1000 rpm Fuel brake power/ hour = 0.35 kg Calorific value of fuel = 43900kj/kg .Calculate the indicated Thermal efficiency, the brake Thermal efficiency and Mechanical efficiency

28. A four cylinder 2 stroke cycle petrol engine develops 23.5 kw brake power at 2500 rpm. The mean effective pressure on each piston in 8. 5 bar and mechanical efficiency in 85%

29. Explain full pressure lubrication system I.C Engine.

30. Explain the water cooling system in I.C Engine.

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Regulation 2013

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