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ME6402 important questions Manufacturing Technology 2 Regulation 2013 Anna University

ME6402 important questions Manufacturing Technology 2

ME6402 important questions Manufacturing Technology 2 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Sample ME6402 important questions:

1. What is rake angle? What is the effect of nose radius in tools?

The angle between the tool face and the line parallel to the base of the tool is known as side rake angle. It is used to control chip flow.

2. What is tool?

The various angles of tools are mentioned in a numerical number in particular order. That is known as tool signature.

3. Explain the nose radius?

It is the joining of side and end cutting edges by means of small radius in order to increase the tool life and better surface finish on the work piece.

4. Name the factors that contribute to poor surface finish in cutting?

Cutting speed
Depth of cut.

5. What is orthogonal cutting?

The cutting edge of tool is perpendicular to the work piece axis

6. Define oblique cutting?

Oblique cutting: – The cutting edge is inclined at an acute angle with normal to the cutting velocity vector is called oblique cutting process

7. What is meant by honing?

An abrading process of finishing previously machined surfaces is known as honing.

8. What are the advantages of honing process?

  • Simple process which can be done on any general purpose machines such as lathes and drilling machines.
  • This process can be applied for both internal cylindrical and flat
  • Honing enables the maximum stock removing capacity out of entire
    surface finishing operations.

9. What is meant by dressing and truing?

Dressing is the process of loading and breaking away the glazed surface so that new sharp abrasive particles are again present to work for efficient cutting. Truing is the process of trimming the cutting surface of the wheel to run true with the axis.

Subject Name Manufacturing Technology 2
Subject Code Me6402
Regulation 2013
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