UG syllabus R-2017

MA8351 Syllabus Discrete Mathematics Regulation 2017 Anna University

MA8351 Syllabus Discrete Mathematics

MA8351 Syllabus Discrete Mathematics Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Discrete Mathematics Syllabus MA8351 pdf free download.

UNIT I LOGIC AND PROOFS MA8351 Syllabus Discrete Mathematics

Propositional logic – Propositional equivalences – Predicates and quantifiers – Nested quantifiers – Rules of inference – Introduction to proofs – Proof methods and strategy.

UNIT II COMBINATORICS MA8351 Syllabus Discrete Mathematics

Mathematical induction – Strong induction and well ordering – The basics of counting – The pigeonhole principle – Permutations and combinations – Recurrence relations – Solving linear recurrence relations – Generating functions – Inclusion and exclusion principle and its applications

UNIT III GRAPHS MA8351 Discrete Mathematics Syllabus

Graphs and graph models – Graph terminology and special types of graphs – Matrix representation of graphs and graph isomorphism – Connectivity – Euler and Hamilton paths.

UNIT IV ALGEBRAIC STRUCTURES MA8351 Discrete Mathematics Syllabus

Algebraic systems – Semi groups and monoids – Groups – Subgroups – Homomorphism’s – Normal subgroup and cosets – Lagrange’s theorem – Definitions and examples of Rings and Fields.

UNIT V LATTICES AND BOOLEAN ALGEBRA MA8351 Discrete Mathematics Syllabus

Partial ordering – Posets – Lattices as posets – Properties of lattices – Lattices as algebraic systems – Sub lattices – Direct product and homomorphism – Some special lattices – Boolean algebra.

Subject name Discrete Mathematics
Semester 3
Subject Code MA8351
Regulation 2017 regulation

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MA8351 Notes Discrete Mathematics

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