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MA3151 Syllabus Matrix and Calculus Regulation 2021 Anna University

MA3151 Syllabus Matrix and Calculus

MA3151 Syllabus Matrix and Calculus Regulation 2021 Anna University free download. Matrix and Calculus Syllabus MA3151 pdf download free.

􀁸 To develop the use of matrix algebra techniques that is needed by engineers for practical applications.
􀁸 To familiarize the students with differential calculus.
􀁸 To familiarize the student with functions of several variables. This is needed in many branches of engineering.
􀁸 To make the students understand various techniques of integration.
􀁸 To acquaint the student with mathematical tools needed in evaluating multiple integrals and their applications.

Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of a real matrix – Characteristic equation – Properties of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors – Cayley – Hamilton theorem – Diagonalization of matrices by orthogonal
transformation – Reduction of a quadratic form to canonical form by orthogonal transformation – Nature of quadratic forms – Applications: Stretching of an elastic membrane.

UNIT – II DIFFERENTIAL CALCULUS  MA3151 Syllabus Matrix and Calculus
Representation of functions – Limit of a function – Continuity – Derivatives – Differentiation rules (sum, product, quotient, chain rules) – Implicit differentiation – Logarithmic differentiation – Applications :
Maxima and Minima of functions of one variable.


Partial differentiation – Homogeneous functions and Euler’s theorem – Total derivative – Change of variables – Jacobians – Partial differentiation of implicit functions – Taylor’s series for functions of
two variables – Applications : Maxima and minima of functions of two variables and Lagrange’s method of undetermined multipliers.

UNIT – IV INTEGRAL CALCULUS MA3151 Syllabus Matrix and Calculus

Definite and Indefinite integrals – Substitution rule – Techniques of Integration: Integration by parts, Trigonometric integrals, Trigonometric substitutions, Integration of rational functions by partial
fraction, Integration of irrational functions – Improper integrals – Applications : Hydrostatic force and pressure, moments and centres of mass.


Double integrals – Change of order of integration – Double integrals in polar coordinates – Area enclosed by plane curves – Triple integrals – Volume of solids – Change of variables in double and triple integrals – Applications : Moments and centres of mass, moment of inertia.



At the end of the course the students will be able to
􀁸 Use the matrix algebra methods for solving practical problems.
􀁸 Apply differential calculus tools in solving various application problems.
􀁸 Able to use differential calculus ideas on several variable functions.
􀁸 Apply different methods of integration in solving practical problems.
􀁸 Apply multiple integral ideas in solving areas, volumes and other practical problems.

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REFERENCES : MA3151 Syllabus Matrix and Calculus

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Subject name Matrix and Calculus
Subject Code MA3151
Semester 1
Regulation 2021 Regulation

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MA3151 Syllabus Matrix and Calculus

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