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IT8602 Important Questions Mobile Communication Regulation 2017 Anna University

IT8602 Important Questions Mobile Communication

IT8602 Important Questions Mobile Communication Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Mobile Communication Important Questions IT8602 pdf free download.

Sample IT8602 Important Questions Mobile Communication

(i) What is Mobile Computing? Explain its applications in the real
world scenario. (7)
(ii) Differentiate between mobile computing and wireless networking.
IT8602 Important Questions Mobile Communication
(i) Classify the generations of mobile communication technologies.
(ii) Apply mobile computing to design Taxi dispatcher and monitoring
service. Explain the components in detail. (5)

(i) Explain hidden and exposed terminal problem in infrastructureless
network. (7)
(ii) Describe architecture of mobile computing.(6)
IT8602 Important Questions Mobile Communication
(i) Describe the important functional difference between 1G, 2G and
3G cellular networks.(8)
(ii) Is 3G cellular wireless technology superior to 2G technology?
Justify your answer. (5)
IT8602 IQ Mobile Communication
5. Explain the various taxonomy of MAC protocols in detail. (13) BTL3 Applying
6. (i) Explain the wireless MAC issues in detail. (7)
(ii) Illustrate the working of SDMA and gives its application. (6)
BTL2 Understanding
7. What are the fixed assignment schemes of MAC protocol? Explain
their mechanism in detail. Compare and contrast them. (13)
BTL1 Remembering
8. Differentiate between FDMA, TDMA and CDMA. (13) BTL1 Remembering
9. Discuss the basic scheme of the CDMA protocol. (13)

11. Explain the various random assignment schemes that are used in MAC
protocol. (13)
IT8602 IQ Mobile Communication
12. What is MACA protocol? In which environment is it suitable? Briefly
explain its working. (13)
BTL4 Analyzing
13. Explain why MAC scheme in wired network fail in wireless networks.
IT8602 Important Questions Mobile Communication
14. Name any one scheduled based MAC protocol and explain in detail.

Subject name Mobile Communication
Short Name MC
Semester 6
Subject Code IT8602
Regulation 2017 regulation

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