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IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology Regulation 2017 Anna University

IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology

IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Web Technology Important Questions IT8501 pdf free download.

Sample IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology:

List any four common browsers.

Define URI.

State the use of web server logs and list the contents of a message log.

List the different basic protocols used in Internet.

What do you mean by Relative URLs? IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology

Write the functions of a Web Server.

Explain the way in which a DNS server resolves addresses.

State the uses of Internet Protocol.

Write short notes on basic Internet protocols.

List and explain the three flavors of HTML. IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology

State the function of DNS and the protocol used.

List and explain any two HTML elements.

Create two rows of horizontal frames using HTML frames.

Write HTML code to display an image.

How will you create a password field in a HTML form?

Differentiate HTML and XHTML. IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology

Explain canvas in HTML.

Choose the syntax to display the following statement
“I am learning Web Programming”

Identify how a scripting language differs from HTML?

Give the syntax of a CSS rule. IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology

Mention the need for cascading style sheets.

Give example for inline style sheet.

How will you include CSS in a web site?

Give some advantages of using Cascading Style Sheets.
How external style sheet is useful in web page design?

Write short notes on text properties in CSS with suitable example.

What is Normal Flow Box Layout in CSS? IT8501 Important Questions Web Technology

Subject name Web Technology
Short Name WT
Semester 5
Subject Code IT8501
Regulation 2017 regulation

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