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IT6801 Important Questions Service Oriented Architecture Regulation 2013 Anna University

IT6801 Important Questions Service Oriented Architecture

IT6801 Important Questions Service Oriented Architecture Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Service Oriented Architecture IT6801 Important Questions pdf free download.

Sample IT6801 Important Questions Service Oriented Architecture

1. What is architecture?
Application architecture is to an application development team what a blueprint is to
a team of construction workers. Different organizations document different levels of
application architecture. IT6801 Important Questions Service Oriented Architecture
2. Define Service-oriented architecture
An SOA can refer to an application architecture or the approach used to standardize
technical architecture across the enterprise.
3. Define Client / Server architecture
Mainframe back-ends served thin clients, are considered an implementation of the
single-tier client-server architecture Mainframe systems natively supported both synchronous
and asynchronous communication. The latter approach was used primarily to allow the server IT6801 Important Questions Service Oriented Architecture
to continuously receive charac ters from the terminal in response to individual key-strokes.
Only upon certain conditions would the server actually respond.
4. Define Distributed Internet architecture
Distributing application logic among multiple components (some residing on the
client, others on the server) reduced deployment headaches by centralizing a greater amount
of the logic on servers. Server-side components, now located on dedicated application
servers, would then share and manage pools of database connections, alleviating the burden
of concurrent usage on the database server A single connection could easily facilitate
multiple users. IT6801 Important Questions Service Oriented Architecture

6. Define Coarse-Grained Services
A service-based system controls the network access to the objects within the service
through a set of coarse-grained interfaces. A service may still be implemented as a set of
fine-grained objects, but the objects themselves are not accessible over a network connection.
A service implemented as objects has one or more coarse-grained objects that act as
distributed façades. These objects are accessible over the network and provide access to the
internal object state from external consumers of the service. However, objects internal to the
service communicate directly with each other within a single machine, not across a network

Subject Name Service Oriented Architecture
Subject Code IT6801
Regulation 2013
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