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EN8592 Notes Wastewater Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University

EN8592 Notes Wastewater Engineering

EN8592 Notes Wastewater Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Wastewater Engineering Notes EN8592 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVE: EN8592 Notes Wastewater Engineering

 The objectives of this course is to help students develop the ability to apply basic understanding of physical, chemical, and biological phenomena for successful design, operation and maintenance of sewage treatment plants. 

OUTCOMES: EN8592 Notes Wastewater Engineering

The students completing the course will have  An ability to estimate sewage generation and design sewer system including sewage
pumping stations 
 The required understanding on the characteristics and composition of sewage, self-
purification of streams 
 An ability to perform basic design of the unit operations and processes that are used in sewage treatment 
 Understand the standard methods for disposal of sewage.
 Gain knowledge on sludge treatment and disposal.

TEXTBOOKS: EN8592 Notes Wastewater Engineering

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3, Punmia, B.C., Jain, A.K., and Jain.A.K.., Environmental Engineering, Vol.II, Laxmi Publications, 2010.

REFERENCES: EN8592 Wastewater Engineering

1. Manual on Sewerage and Sewage Treatment Systems Part A,B and C, CPHEEO, Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, New Delhi, 2013.
2. Metcalf and Eddy- Wastewater Engineering–Treatment and Reuse, Tata Mc.Graw-Hill Company, New Delhi, 2010.
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Subject name Wastewater Engineering
Short Name WE
Semester 6
Subject Code EN8592
Regulation 2017 regulation

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