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EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation Regulation 2017 Anna University

EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation

EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Measurements And Instrumentation Important Questions EE8403 pdf free download.

Sample EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation:

17. State the use of potential transformer.
The use of potential transformer are
i. They are used for measurement of high voltage
ii. They are used for energizing relays and protective circuits.

18. How the current transformer and potential transformer are connected in a
In a current transfrmer is connected in series and potential transformer is connected in
parallel EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation

19. What is the range of medium resistance?
The range of resistance is about 1 ohm to 100 kilo ohms.
20. Name the methods used for low resistance measurement.
The methods used for low resistance measurement are
1. Ammeter – voltmeter method
2. Potentiometer method
3. Kelvin double bridge method
4. Ohm meter method. EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation

21. What are the types of DC potentiometers?
The types of DC potentiometers are
i. Crompton’s
Potentiometer ii.
Potentiometer iii.
Vernier Potentiometer
iv. Brook’s Deflectional
Potentiometer EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation

22. What is a bridge circuit?
A bridge circuit consists of a network of four impedance
arms forming a closed circuit. A source of current is applied to two
opposite junctions. The current detector is connected to other two

23. What are the types of bridges?
The types of bridges are:
i. DC bridge ii.
AC bridge EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation

24. What are the types of DC bridges?
The types of DC bridges are
i. Wheatstone bridge
ii. Kelvin Double bridge

25. What are the types of AC bridges?
The types of AC bridges are
i. Capacitance comparison bridge
ii. Inductance comparison bridge iii.
Schering bridge EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation
iv. Maxwell’s Inductance and capacitance bridge
v. Hay’s bridge
vi. Anderson bridge
vii. Wien bridge

26. Classify the cables according to their sheathing.
According to their sheathing cables are classified as
i. Armoured cables
ii. Unarmoured cables. EE8403 Important Questions Measurements And Instrumentation


Subject name Measurements And Instrumentation
Short Name MI
Semester 4
Subject Code EE8403
Regulation 2017 regulation

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