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EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory Regulation 2017 Anna University

EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory

EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Electromagnetic Theory Important Questions EE8391 pdf free download.

Sample EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory:

1. Define current density.

Current density is defined as the current per unit area.
J= I/A Amp/m2

2. What is meant by displacement current?

Displacement current is nothing but the current flowing through capacitor. J= D / t

3.State point form of ohms law. EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory

Point form of ohms law states that the field strength within a conductor is proportional to the current density.

4. Define surface charge density.

It is defined as the charge per surface area.

5.Define magnetic vector potential.

It is defined as that quantity whose curl gives the magnetic flux density.

6.Write down the expression for magnetic field at the centre of the circular coil.


7.Give the relation between magnetic flux density and magnetic field intensity. EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory

B =μ H
Where, H=Magnetic Field Intensity
B=Magnetic Field Density

8.Write down the magnetic boundary conditions.

i) The normal components of flux density B is continuous across the
ii) The tangential component of field intensity is continuous across the

9. Give the force(F) on a current element (dl). EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory

dF = BIdlsinθ
Where, B=Magnetic Field Density

10.Define magnetic moment.

Magnetic moment(m) is defined as the maximum torque (T) per magnetic induction
of flux density (B).

11. State Gauss law for magnetic field. EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory

The total magnetic flux passing through any closed surface is equal to zero.
B.ds =0 Where, B=Magnetic Field Density

12. Define magnetic field strength.

The magnetic field strength (H) is a vector having the same direction as
magnetic flux density (B). H=B/μ

13. Give the formula to find the force between two parallel current carrying

F=μI1.I2 / 2ΠR
Where, F=Force I=Current
R=Distance between charge

14. Give the expression for torque experienced by a current carrying loop situated
in a magnetic field.

T = IABsinθ
Where, T=Torque
B=Magnetic Field Density EE8391 Important Questions Electromagnetic Theory

Subject name Electromagnetic Theory
Semester 3
Subject Code EE8391
Regulation 2017 regulation

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