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EE6702 Protection and Switchgear Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6702 Protection and Switchgear Notes

EE6702 Protection and Switchgear Notes Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. EE6702 Notes Protection and Switchgear pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: EE6702 Protection and Switchgear Notes

To educate the causes of abnormal operating conditions (faults, lightning and switching surges) of the apparatus and system.

To introduce the characteristics and functions of relays and protection schemes.

To impart knowledge on apparatus protection.

To introduce static and numerical relays.

To impart knowledge on functioning of circuit breakers.

OUTCOMES: EE6702 Protection and Switchgear Notes

Ability to understand and analyze power system operation, stability, control and protection.

TEXT BOOKS: EE6702 Protection and Switchgear Notes

1. Sunil S.Rao, ‘Switchgear and Protection’, Khanna Publishers, New Delhi, 2008.

2. B.Rabindranath and N.Chander, ‘Power System Protection and Switchgear’, New Age International (P) Ltd., First Edition 2011.

3. M.L.Soni, P.V.Gupta, U.S.Bhatnagar, A.Chakrabarti, ‘A Text Book on Power System Engineering’, Dhanpat Rai & Co.,1998.

REFERENCES: EE6702 Notes Protection and Switchgear 

1. Badri Ram ,B.H. Vishwakarma, ‘Power System Protection and Switchgear’, New Age International Pvt Ltd Publishers, Second Edition 2011.

2. Y.G.Paithankar and S.R.Bhide, ‘Fundamentals of power system protection’, Second Edition, Prentice Hall of India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 2010.

3. C.L.Wadhwa, ‘Electrical Power Systems’, 6th Edition, New Age International (P) Ltd., 2010

4. Ravindra P.Singh, ‘ Switchgear and Power System Protection’, PHI Learning Private Ltd., New Delhi, 2009.

5. Bhavesh Bhalja, R.P. Maheshwari, Nilesh G. Chotani,’Protection and Switchgear’ Oxford University Press, 2011.

Subject Name Protection and Switchgear
Subject Code EE6702
Regulation 2013

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