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EE6602 Important questions Embedded Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6602 Important questions Embedded Systems

EE6602 Important questions Embedded Systems Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Embedded Systems Important questions pdf free download.

Sample EE6602 Important questions:

1. Define a System.

A way of doing one or more tasks according to a program.

2. What is an embedded system?
An embedded system employs a combination of hardware & software (a “computational engine”) to perform a specific function; is part of a larger system that may not be a “computer”; works in a reactive and time-constrained environment

3. What are the typical characteristics of an embedded system?

Typical characteristics:
Perform a single or tightly knit set of functions;
Increasingly high-performance & real-time constrained;
Power, cost and reliability are often important attributes
That influence design; Application specific processor design can be a significant component of some embedded systems.
Other characteristics:
• Application specific
• Digital signal processing in ECS
• Reactive
• Real-time
• Distributed

4. What are the advantages of embedded system?

Customization yields lower area, power, cost, etc.,

5. What are the disadvantages of embedded system?

Higher HW/software development overhead design, compilers, debuggers, etc., may result in delayed time to market!

6. What are the applications of an embedded system?

Embedded Systems: Applications:
• Consumer electronics, e.g., cameras, camcorders, etc.,
• Consumer products, e.g., washers, microwave ovens, etc.,
• Automobiles (anti-lock braking, engine control, etc.,)
• Industrial process controllers & avionics/defense applications
• Computer/Communication products, e.g., printers, FAX machines, etc.,
• Emerging multimedia applications & consumer electronics

7. What are the various embedded system designs Modeling

Refining (or “partitioning”)
HW-SW partitioning

8. What are the complicating factors in embedded design?

Complicating factors in the design of embedded systems
• Many of the subtasks in design are intertwined.
• Allocation depends on the partitioning, and scheduling presumes a certain allocation.
• Predicting the time for implementing the modules in hardware or software is not very easy, particularly for tasks that have not been performed before.

Subject Name Embedded Systems
Subject Code EE6602
Regulation 2013

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