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EE6503 Power Electronics Important questions Regulation 2013 Anna University

EE6503 Power Electronics Important questions

EE6503 Power Electronics Important questions Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. EE6503 Important questions Power Electronics pdf free download.

Sample EE6503 Power Electronics Important questions:

1. What is power electronics?

Power electronics is a subject that concerns the applications electronics principles into situations that are rated at power level rather than signal level. It may be defined as a subject deals with the apparatus and equipment working on the principle of electronics but at rated power level.

2. Give the applications of power electronics.

 Aerospace
 Commercial
 Industrial
 Telecommunications (EE6503 Power Electronics Important questions)

3. Classify power semiconductor devices give examples.

 Diodes: power diodes
 Thyristors: SCR
 Control switches: BJT, MOSFET and IGBT

4. Define latching current of SCR. [Nov/Dec 2012] May/June 2014

The latching current is defined as the minimum value of anode current which it must attain during turn on process to maintain conduction when gate signal is removed.

5. What are the factors that influence the turn-off time of thyristor? [Nov/Dec 2010]
1. Recovery Process 2. Recombination Process

6. What are the parameters involved in switching loss of power device? [April/May 2011]

 Forward conduction loss
 Loss due to leakage current during forward and reverse blocking
 Switching losses at turn-on and turn-off.
 Gate triggering loss. (EE6503 Power Electronics Important questions)

7. What are the advantages of MOSFET?

 Lower switching losses.
 No Secondary breakdown.
 Switching frequency high.
 It has positive temperature coefficient for resistance.

8. Define the term pinch off voltage of MOSFET. [May/June 2012]

If the gate source voltage is made negative enough, the channel will be completely depleted, offering a high value of drain to source resistance and there will be no current flow from drain to source. The value of gate source voltage is called pinch off voltage. (EE6503 Power Electronics Important questions)

Subject Name Power Electronics
Subject Code EE6503
Regulation 2013
File PDF

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