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EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory Regulation 2017 Anna University

EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory

EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Electronics Laboratory Syllabus EC8311 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES: EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory

 To enability the students to understand the behavior of semiconductor device based on experimentation.

LIST OF EXPERIMENTS EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory

1. Characteristics of Semiconductor diode and Zener diode

2. Characteristics of a NPN Transistor under common emitter , common collector and common base configurations

3. Characteristics of JFET and draw the equivalent circuit

4. Characteristics of UJT and generation of saw tooth waveforms

5. Design and Frequency response characteristics of a Common Emitter amplifier

6. Characteristics of photo diode & photo transistor, Study of light activated relay circuit

7. Design and testing of RC phase shift and LC oscillators

8. Single Phase half-wave and full wave rectifiers with inductive and capacitive filters

9. Differential amplifiers using FET

10. Study of CRO for frequency and phase measurements

11. Realization of passive filters


OUTCOMES: EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory

 Ability to understand and analyse electronic circuits.

LIST OF EQUIPMENT FOR A BATCH OF 30 STUDENTS: EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory

1. Semiconductor devices like Diode, Zener Diode, NPN Transistors, JFET, UJT, Photo diode, Photo Transistor

2. Resistors, Capacitors and inductors

3. Necessary digital IC 8

4. Function Generators 10

5. Regulated 3 output Power Supply 5, ± 15V 10

6. CRO 10

7. Storage Oscilloscope 1

8. Bread boards

9. Atleast one demo module each for the listed equipments.

10. Component data sheets to be provided

Subject name Electronics Laboratory
Semester 3
Subject Code EC8311
Regulation 2017 regulation

EC8311 Syllabus Electronics Laboratory Click here to download

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