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EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design Regulation 2017 Anna University

EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design

EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. VLSI Design Important Questions EC8095 pdf free download.

Sample EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design

Explain the structure and working of nMOS and pMOS
transistor. (13)
BTL 4 Analyzing
Summarize the following using CMOS logic:
(i) Inverter with truth table, (6)
(ii) NAND Gate with truth table. (7)
BTL 2 Understanding
Illustrate with necessary diagrams
(i) Ideal I-V characteristics of MOS transistors, (6)
(ii) C-V characteristics of MOS transistors. (7)
BTL 3 Applying
Analyze the characteristics and working of the following with
neat diagram,
(i) Pass transistors, (6)
(ii) Transmission gate. (7)
EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design
(i) Describe in detail about Layout design rules. (7)
(ii) Draw the stick diagram and layout diagram for the CMOS
gate computing. Y  (A B C)  D . (6)
BTL 1 Remembering
Discuss in detail about the velocity saturation and channel
length modulation. (13)
BTL 2 Understanding
Write short notes on:
(i) Body Effect, (4)
(ii) Subthreshold Condition, (4)
(iii) Junction Leakage. (5)
EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design
Interpret the DC transfer characteristics of CMOS inverter.
BTL 3 Applying
Describe the following with necessary equations.
(i) Detailed MOS gate capacitance model, (7)
(ii) Detailed MOS diffusion capacitance model. (6)
BTL 2 Understanding
Demonstrate the RC Delay model and Elmore delay model.
EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design
(i) State logical effort and draw the logic gates for different
transistor widths. (6)
(ii) Define parasitic delay and compare the parasitic delay of
common gates for various inputs. (7)
BTL 1 Remembering
Write short notes on:
(i) Transistor scaling, (7)
(ii) Interconnect scaling. (6)
BTL 1 Remembering
Design a CMOS inverter and formulate the beta ratio effects
and noise margin. (13)
EC8095 Important Questions VLSI Design
Evaluate Multistage Logic Networks with delay and formulate
the expression with an example.

Subject name VLSI Design
Short Name VLSI
Semester 6
Subject Code EC8095
Regulation 2017 regulation

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