UG syllabus R 2013

EC6402 Syllabus Communication Theory Regulation 2013 Anna University

EC6402 Syllabus Communication Theory

EC6402 Syllabus Communication Theory Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Communication Theory Syllabus free download.


Generation and detection of AM wave-spectra-DSBSC, Hilbert Transform, Pre-envelope & complex envelope – SSB and VSB –comparison -Superheterodyne Receiver.

UNIT II ANGLE MODULATION Communication Theory Syllabus

Phase and frequency modulation-Narrow Band and Wind band FM – Spectrum – FM modulation and demodulation – FM Discriminator- PLL as FM Demodulator – Transmission bandwidth.

UNIT III RANDOM PROCESS Communication Theory Syllabus

Random variables, Central limit Theorem, Random Process, Stationary Processes, Mean, Correlation & Covariance functions, Power Spectral Density, Ergodic Processes, Gaussian Process, Transmission of a Random Process Through a LTI filter.

UNIT IV NOISE CHARACTERIZATION Communication Theory Syllabus

Noise sources and types – Noise figure and noise temperature – Noise in cascaded systems. Narrow band noise – PSD of in-phase and quadrature noise –Noise performance in AM systems – Noise performance in FM systems – Pre-emphasis and de-emphasis – Capture effect, threshold effect.


Entropy – Discrete Memoryless channels – Channel Capacity -Hartley – Shannon law – Source coding theorem – Huffman & Shannon – Fano codes.

Subject Name Communication Theory
Subject Code EC6402
Regulation 2013

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