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Distributed Systems Question Bank CS6601 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Distributed Systems Question Bank

Distributed Systems Question Bank CS6601 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. CS6601 Question Bank free pdf download.

Sample Distributed Systems Question Bank:

PART-B (16 marks)
1. a. Explain the Communication between distributed objects (8)
b. Explain in detail about Events and Notifications (8)
2. Explain in detail about Remote Procedure call with a case study (16)
3. Describe java RMI (16)
4. Explain about the group communication (16)
5. Describe about the client server communication (16)
6. a. Explain characteristics of interprocess communication. (8)
b. Explain UDP datagram communication (8)
7. Explain the various type communications. (16)
PART – A (2 marks)
1.What are core OS Components?
2. What is meant by cluster?
3. Define Thread.
4. What is meant by address space?
5. What is meant by invocation performance?
6. Difference between monolithic and micro kernels
7. What is meant by cryptography?
8. What is the use of cryptography?
9. What is meant by distributed file system?
10. What are the different types of distributed file system available?
11. Define metadata.

PART-B (16 marks)
1. Explain Processes and threads (16)
2. Explain Communication and invocation (16)
3. Describe Operating system architecture (16)
4. Explain the different types of cryptographic algorithm (16)
5. Explain Global States and distributed debugging (16)
6. Explain the algorithms for mutual exclusion (16)
7. a. Discuss about threads in distributed systems (8)
b. Discuss about the distributed file system. (8)
8. Explain about the file server architecture. (16)
9. Explain about the Andrew file system. (16)
PART – A (2 marks)
1. What is the Name Spaces?
2. What is the domain name system?
3. Define directory services
4. What is the Berkeley algorithm?
5. Define global State.
6. What is the election algorithm?
PART – B (16 marks)
1. Explain in detail about Name services (16)
2. Discuss in detail about domain name services. (16)
3. Explain the case study of Global name services. (16)
4. Explain the case study of X.500 directory services. (16)
5. Explain about the Events and process state. (16)

Subject Name Distributed Systems
Subject code CS6601
Regulation 2013

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