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CS8494 important Questions Software Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering

CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Software Engineering Important Questions CS8494 pdf free download.

Sample CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering

27. What are the various Rapid prototyping techniques?
i. Dynamic high level language development. ii. Database programming.
iii. Component and application assembly.

28. What is the use of User Interface prototyping?
This prototyping is used to pre-specify the look and feel of user interface in an effective way. CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering

29. What are the characteristics of SRS?
i. Correct – The SRS should be made up to date when appropriate requirements are identified.
ii. Unambiguous – When the requirements are correctly understood then only it is possible to write an
unambiguous software.
iii. Complete – To make SRS complete,it shold be specified what a software designer wants to create
iv. Consistent – It should be consistent with reference to the functionalities identified. CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering
v. Specific – The requirements should be mentioned specifically.
vi. Traceable – What is the need for mentioned requirement?This should be correctly identified.

30. What are the objectives of Analysis modeling?
i. To describe what the customer requires. CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering
ii. To establish a basis for the creation of software design.
iii. To devise a set of valid requirements after which the software can be built.

31. What is data modeling?
Data modeling is the basic step in the analysis modeling. In data modeling the data objects are examined
independently of processing. The data model represents how data are related with one another. CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering

32. What is a data object?
Data object is a collection of attributes that act as an aspect, characteristic, quality, or descriptor of the object. CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering

33. What are attributes? CS8494 Important Questions Software Engineering
Attributes are the one, which defines the properties of data object.

Subject name Software Engineering
Short Name Software Engg
Semester 4
Subject Code CS8494
Regulation 2017 regulation

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