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CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems

CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Operating Systems Important Questions CS8493 pdf free download.

Sample CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems:

8. What is means by Resuming a Process?
Resuming a process involves restarting it from the point at which it was suspended. CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems

9. What is meant by Suspending a Process? Suspending is often performed by the system to remove certain processes temporarily to reduce the system load during a peak loading situation. CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems

10. What is meant by Context Switching? When an interrupt occurs, the operating system saves the status of the interrupted process routes control to the appropriate first level interrupt handler.

11. What is meant by PSW?
Program Status Words (PSW) controls the order of instruction execution and contains various information about the state of a process. There are three types of PSW’s namely
Current PSW
Old PSW CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems

12. Define Mutual Exclusion. Each process accessing the shared data excludes all others from doing simultaneously called as Mutual Exclusion.

13. What is meant by Co-operating process? If a process can affect or be affected by the other processes executing in the system, that process which shares data with other process is called as Co-operating process.

14. What is meant by Interrupt? An Interrupt is an event that alters the sequence in which a processor executes instructions. It is generated by the hardware of the computer System. CS8493 Important Questions Operating Systems

15. What is meant by Degree of Multiprogramming? And when it is said to be Stable?
Degree of Multiprogramming means the number of processes in memory. And it is said to be stable when the average rate of the number of process creation is equal to the average

Subject name Operating Systems
Short Name OS
Semester 4
Subject Code CS8493
Regulation 2017 regulation

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