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CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture Regulation 2017 Anna University

CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture

CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Computer Architecture Question Bank CS8491 pdf free download.

Sample CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture:

1 Express the equation for the dynamic power required per transistor.
BTL 2 Understand

2 Identify general characteristics of Relative addressing mode with an example. BTL 4 Analyze CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture

3 Define Computer Architecture. BTL 1 Remember

4 Tabulatethe components of computer system.
BTL 1 Remember

5 Give the addressing modes in MIPS.
BTL 2 Understand

6 Interpret the instruction set Architecture.
BTL 2 Understand CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture

7 Differentiate DRAM and SRAM.
BTL 4 Analyze

8 Give the difference between auto increment and auto decrement addressing mode. BTL 2 Understand

9 What are the functions of control unit?
BTL 1 Remember

10 Calculate throughput and response time.
BTL 3 Apply CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture

11 Compose the CPU performance equation.
BTL 6 Create

12 Measure the performance of the computers:
If computer A runs a program in 10 seconds, and computer B runs the same program in 15 seconds, how much faster is A over CS8491 Question Bank Computer Architecture

13 Formulate the equation of CPU execution time for a program.
BTL 6 Create

14 State the need for indirect addressing mode. Give an example.
BTL 1 Remember

15 Show the formula for CPU clock cycles required for a program.
BTL 3 Apply

16 Define Stored Program Concept.
BTL 1 Remember

17 What are the various units in the computer?
BTL 1 Remember

18 Compare multi-processor and uniprocessor.
BTL 4 Analyze

19 Classify the instructions based on the operations they perform and give one example to each category.


Subject name Computer Architecture
Short Name CA
Semester 4
Subject Code CS8491
Regulation 2017 regulation

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