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CS6504 Important Questions COMPUTER GRAPHICS Regulation 2013 Anna University

CS6504 Important Questions COMPUTER GRAPHICS

CS6504 Important Questions COMPUTER GRAPHICS Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. COMPUTER GRAPHICS CG CS6504 Important Questions pdf free download.

Sample CS6504 Important Questions COMPUTER GRAPHICS:

1.Define Computer Graphics.
Computer Graphics remains one of the most existing and rapidly growing computer fields. Computer graphics
may be defined as the pictorial representation or graphical representation of objects in a computer cs6504 important questions computer graphics

2.Write short notes on video controller.
Video controller is used to control the operation of the display device.A fixed area of the system is reserved for
the frame buffer and the video controller is given direct access to the frame buffer memory Here, the frame
buffer can be anywhere in the system memory, and the video controller accesses the frame buffer to refresh the
screen. In addition to the video controller, more sophisticated raster systems employ other processors as cs6504 important questions computer graphics
coprocessor sand accelerators to implement various graphics operations.

3.Write notes on Graphics controller?
An application program is input and stored in the system memory along with a graphics package. Graphics
commands in the application program are translated by the graphics package into a display file stored in the
system memory. This display file is then accessed by the display processor to refresh the screen. The display
processor cycles through each command in the display file program once during every refresh cycle. Sometimes
the display processor in a random-scan system is referred to as a display processing unit or a graphics controller cs6504 important questions computer graphics

4.List out a few attributes of output primitives?
Attributes are the properties of the output primitives; that is, an attribute describes how a particular primitive is
to be displayed. They include intensity and color specifications, line styles, text styles, and area-filling patterns.
Functions within this category can be usedto set attributes for an individual primitive class or for groups of
output primitives. cs6504 important questions computer graphics


Subject code CS6504
Regulation 2013

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