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CS6302 Database Management Systems Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University

CS6302 Database Management Systems Syllabus

CS6302 Database Management Systems Syllabus Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. Database Management Systems CS6302 Syllabus pdf free download.

UNIT I INTRODUCTION TO DBMS CS6302 Database Management Systems Syllabus

File Systems Organization – Sequential, Pointer, Indexed, Direct – Purpose of Database System- Database System Terminologies-Database characteristics- Data models – Types of data models – Components of DBMS- Relational Algebra. LOGICAL DATABASE DESIGN: Relational DBMS – Codd’s Rule – Entity-Relationship model – Extended ER Normalization – Functional Dependencies, Anomaly- 1NF to 5NF- Domain Key Normal Form – Denormalization

UNIT II SQL & QUERY OPTIMIZATION CS6302 Database Management Systems Syllabus

SQL Standards – Data types – Database Objects- DDL-DML-DCL-TCL-Embedded SQL-Static Vs Dynamic SQL – QUERY OPTIMIZATION: Query Processing and Optimization – Heuristics and Cost Estimates in Query Optimization.


Introduction-Properties of Transaction- Serializability- Concurrency Control – Locking Mechanisms- Two Phase Commit Protocol-Dead lock.

UNIT IV TRENDS IN DATABASE TECHNOLOGY CS6302 Database Management Systems Syllabus

Overview of Physical Storage Media – Magnetic Disks – RAID – Tertiary storage – File Organization – Organization of Records in Files – Indexing and Hashing –Ordered Indices – B+ tree Index Files – B tree Index Files – Static Hashing – Dynamic Hashing – Introduction to Distributed Databases- Client server technology- Multidimensional and Parallel databases- Spatial and multimedia databases- Mobile and web databases- Data Warehouse-Mining- Data marts.

UNIT V ADVANCED TOPICS CS6302 Database Management System DMS Syllabus

DATABASE SECURITY: Data Classification-Threats and risks – Database access Control – Types of Privileges –Cryptography- Statistical Databases.- Distributed Databases-Architecture-Transaction Processing-Data Warehousing and Mining-Classification-Association rules-Clustering-Information Retrieval- Relevance ranking-Crawling and Indexing the Web- Object Oriented Databases-XML Databases.

Subject Name Database Management Systems
Subject code CS6302
Regulation 2013

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