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Compiler Design Question Bank CS6660 Regulation 2013 Anna University

Compiler Design Question Bank CS6660 

Compiler Design Question Bank CS6660 Regulation 2013 Anna University free download. CS6660 Question Bank Regulation 2013 pdf free download.

Sample Compiler Design Question Bank:

1. What are the issues in the design of code generator? Explain in detail.

2. Discuss about the run time storage management.

3. Explain basic blocks and flow graphs.

4. Explain about transformation on a basic block.

5. Write a code generation algorithm. Explain about the descriptor and function getreg().Give an example.

6. Explain peephole optimization

7. Explain DAG representation of basic blocks.

8. Explain principle sources of code optimization in details.

9. Explain the Source language issues with details.

10. Explain the Storage organization strategies with examples.

11. Explain storage allocation strategy.

12. Explain about Parameter passing.

13. Explain the non local names in runtime storage managements.

14. Explain about activation records and its purpose.

15. Explain about Optimization of basic blocks.

16. Explain the various approaches to compiler development.

17. Explain simple code generator with suitable example.

18. Discuss about the following:
a) Copy Propagation b) Dead-code Elimination and c) Code motion

19) Discuss in detail about the run time storage arrangement.

20) What are different storage allocation strategies. Explain.

21) Write in detail about the issues in the design of code generator.

22) Explain how declarations are done in a procedure using syntax directed translations.

23) What is a three address code? Mention its types. How would you implement these address statements? Explain with suitable examples.

24) Write syntax directed translation for arrays.

25) Compare top down parsing and bottom up parsing methods.

26) Compare SLR, LALR and LR parses.

27) What are LR parsers? Explain with a diagram the LR parsing algorithm.

28) What are parser generators?

29) Explain recursive descent parser with appropriate examples.

Subject Name Compiler Design
Subject code CS6660
Regulation 2013

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