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CE8604 Notes Highway Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8604 Notes Highway Engineering

CE8604 Notes Highway Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Highway Engineering Notes CE8604 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVE: CE8604 Notes Highway Engineering

 To give an overview about the highway engineering with respect to, planning, design, construction and maintenance of highways as per IRC standards, specifications and methods

OUTCOMES: CE8604 Notes Highway Engineering

Students will be able to
 Get knowledge on planning and aligning of highway.
 Geometric design of highways
 Design flexible and rigid pavements.
 Gain knowledge on Highway construction materials, properties, testing methods
 Understand the concept of pavement management system, evaluation of distress and maintenance of pavements.

TEXTBOOKS: CE8604 Notes Highway Engineering

1. Khanna.S. K., Justo.C.E.G and Veeraragavan A. “Highway Engineering”, Nemchand Publishers, 2014.
2. Subramanian K.P., “Highways, Railways, Airport and Harbour Engineering”, Scitech Publications (India), Chennai, 2010
3. Kadiyali.L.R. “Principles and Practice of Highway Engineering”, Khanna Technical Publications, 8th edition Delhi, 2013.

REFERENCES: CE8604 Highway Engineering

1. Indian Road Congress (IRC), Guidelines for the Design of Flexible Pavements, ( Third Revision), IRC: 37-2012
2. Indian Road Congress (IRC), Guidelines for the Design of Plain Jointed Rigid Pavements for Highways, ( Third Revision), IRC: 58-2012
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6. Garber and Hoel, “Principles of Traffic and Highway Engineering”, CENGAGE Learning, New Delhi, 2010
7. O’Flaherty.C.A “Highways, Butterworth – Heinemann, Oxford, 2006
8. IRC-37–2012,The Indian roads Congress, Guidelines for the Design of Flexible Pavements, New Delhi CE8604 Notes Highway Engineering
9. IRC 58-2012. The Indian Road Congress, Guideline for the Design of Rigid Pavements for Highways, New Delhi

Subject name Highway Engineering
Short Name HE
Semester 6
Subject Code CE8604
Regulation 2017 regulation

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