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CE8603 Notes Irrigation Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8603 Notes Irrigation Engineering

CE8603 Notes Irrigation Engineering Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Irrigation Engineering Notes CE8603 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVE: CE8603 Notes Irrigation Engineering

 The student is exposed to different phases in irrigation practices and Planning and management of irrigation. Further they will be imparted required knowledge on Irrigation storage and distribution canal system and Irrigation management.

OUTCOMES: CE8603 Notes Irrigation Engineering

Students will be able to
 Have knowledge and skills on crop water requirements.
 Understand the methods and management of irrigation.
 Gain knowledge on types of Impounding structures
 Understand methods of irrigation including canal irrigation.
 Get knowledge on water management on optimization of water use.

TEXTBOOKS: CE8603 Notes Irrigation Engineering

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3. Garg S. K., “Irrigation Engineering and Hydraulic structures”, Khanna Publishers, 23rd Revised Edition, New Delhi, 2009

REFERENCES: CE8603 Irrigation Engineering

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Subject name Irrigation Engineering
Short Name IE
Semester 6
Subject Code CE8603
Regulation 2017 regulation

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