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CE8602 Notes Structural Analysis 2 Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8602 Notes Structural Analysis 2

CE8602 Notes Structural Analysis 2 Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Structural Analysis 2 Notes CE8602 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVES : CE8602 Notes Structural Analysis 2

 To learn the method of drawing influence lines and its uses in various applications like
beams and plane trusses.  To analyse the arches, suspension bridges and space trusses.  Also to learn Plastic analysis of beams and rigid frames.

OUTCOMES: CE8602 Notes Structural Analysis 2

Students will be able to
 Draw influence lines for statically determinate structures and calculate critical stress resultants.
 Understand Muller Breslau principle and draw the influence lines for statically indeterminate beams.
 Analyse of three hinged, two hinged and fixed arches.
 Analyse the suspension bridges with stiffening girders
 Understand the concept of Plastic analysis and the method of analyzing beams and rigid frames.

TEXTBOOKS: CE8602 Notes Structural Analysis 2

1. Bhavikatti,S.S, Structural Analysis,Vol.1 & 2, Vikas Publishing House Pvt.Ltd., NewDelhi-4, 2014.
2. Punmia.B.C, Ashok Kumar Jain and Arun Kumar Jain, Theory of structures, Laxmi, Publications,2004.
3. Vazrani.V.N And Ratwani,M.M, Analysis of Structures, Vol.II, Khanna Publishers,2015.

REFERENCES: CE8602 Structural Analysis 2

1. Negi.L.S and Jangid R.S., Structural Analysis, Tata McGraw-Hill Publishers, 2004.
2. Reddy C.S., Basic Structural Analysis, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co.Ltd.2002.
3. Gambhir.M.L., Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics and Analysis, PHIL earning Pvt. Ltd.,2011.
4. Prakash Rao D.S., Structural Analysis, Universities Press,1996.

Subject name Structural Analysis 2
Short Name SA 2
Semester 6
Subject Code CE8602
Regulation 2017 regulation

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