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CE8394 Question Bank  Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8394 Question Bank Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

CE8394 Question Bank Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Question Bank  CE8394 pdf free download.

Sample CE8394 Question Bank Fluid Mechanics and Machinery:

1. Differentiate between the turbines and pumps.

2. How are Hydraulic turbines classified?

3. Classify turbines according to flow.

4. What are high head turbines? Give examples.

5. Define hydraulic efficiency of a turbine.

6. The mean velocity of the buckets of the Pelton wheel is 10 m/s. The jet supplies CE8394 Question Bank Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
water at 0.7 m3/s at a head of 30 m. The jet is deflected through an angle of 160° by the bucket. Find the hydraulic efficiency. Take Cv = 0.98.

7. Define specific speed.

8. What are the different types of draft tubes?

9. What are the functions of a draft tube?

10. What is a draft tube for Kaplan turbine?

11. Classify turbines according to head.

12. Give an example for a low head turbine, a medium head turbine and a high
head turbine. CE8394 Question Bank Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

13. What are reaction turbines? Give examples.

14. Differentiate the impulse and reaction turbine.

15. Draw velocity triangle diagram for Pelton Wheel turbine.

16. Define Hydraulic efficiency.

17. What is draft tube and explain its function?

18. Define the specific speed of a turbine.

19. What is a Draft tube? In which type of turbine it is mostly used?

20. Describe the application of turbine.

Questions From Question Paper:

1. Give the comparison between impulse and reaction turbine.

2. Write a note on performance curves of turbine.

3. Write a short note on Governing of Turbines.

4. Derive an expression for the efficiency of a draft tube. Question Paper

5. With the help of neat diagram explain the construction and working of a
pelton wheel turbine. CE8394 Question Bank Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

6. Show that the overall efficiency of a hydraulic turbine is the product of
volumetric, hydraulic and mechanical efficiencies.

7. Obtain an expression for the workdone per second by water on the runner of
a Pelton wheel. Hence derive an expression for maximum efficiency of the Pelton
wheel giving the relationship between the jet speed and bucket speed. Question Paper

8. Explain with the help of a diagram, the essential features of a KaplanTurbine.

9. A Francis turbine with an overall efficiency of 76% and hydraulic efficiency of
80% is required to produce 150 kW. It is working under a head of 8 m. The
peripheral velocity is 0.25 √2gH and radial’velocity of flow at inlet is 0.95
√2gH. The wheel runs at 150 rpm. Assuming radial discharge, determine
(i) Flow velocity at outlet
(ii) The wheel angle at inlet
(iii) Diameter and width of the wheel at inlet. CE8394 Question Bank Fluid Mechanics and Machinery

Subject name Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
Semester 3
Subject Code CE8394
Regulation 2017 regulation

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