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CE8391 Notes Construction Materials Regulation 2017 Anna University

CE8391 Notes Construction Materials

CE8391 Notes Construction Materials Regulation 2017 Anna University free download. Construction Materials Notes CE8391 pdf free download.

OBJECTIVE: CE8391 Notes Construction Materials

 To introduce students to various materials commonly used in civil engineering construction and their properties.

OUTCOMES: CE8391 Notes Construction Materials

On completion of this course the students will be able to
 Compare the properties of most common and advanced building materials.
 understand the typical and potential applications of lime, cement and aggregates
 know the production of concrete and also the method of placing and making of concrete elements.
 understand the applications of timbers and other materials
 Understand the importance of modern material for construction.

TEXT BOOKS: CE8391 Notes Construction Materials

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4. Duggal.S.K., “Building Materials”, 4th Edition, New Age International, 2008.

REFERENCES: CE8391 Notes Construction Materials

1. Jagadish.K.S, “Alternative Building Materials Technology”, New Age International, 2007.

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3. IS456 – 2000: Indian Standard specification for plain and reinforced concrete, 2011.

4. IS4926 – 2003: Indian Standard specification for ready–mixed concrete, 2012.

5. IS383 – 1970: Indian Standard specification for coarse and fine aggregate from natural Sources for concrete, 2011.

6. IS1542-1992: Indian standard specification for sand for plaster, 2009.

7. IS 10262-2009: Indian Standard Concrete Mix Proportioning –Guidelines, 2009.

Subject name Construction Materials
Semester 3
Subject Code CE8391
Regulation 2017 regulation

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