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CE6403 Question Bank APPLIED HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Regulation 2013


CE6403 Question Bank APPLIED HYDRAULIC ENGINEERING Regulation 2013

Sample CE6403 Question bank:

1. Differentiate open channel flow from pipe flow.

2. What is specific energy and is the condition for getting only one depth for a given specific energy?

3. How will do you distinguish between critical, sub- critical, super- critical flow.

4. Sketch the velocity distribution in a trapezoidal channel.

5. What is the use of a pitot–tube?

6. Briefly write a note on anemometers

7. Find the relationship between Chezy’s ‘C’ and Manning’s ‘n’.

8. Sketch the velocity distribution in rectangular and triangular channels.

9. What are the possible types of flow in open channel with respect to space and time?

10. What are the equations for critical depth for rectangular channel?

11. Distinguish between steady uniform flow and unsteady non – uniform flow.

12. Define specific energy.


1. Define specific energy of flow at a channel section. Draw the specific energy curve and explain.

2. A trapezoidal channel has side slopes of 1 horizontal to 2 vertical and the slope of the bed is 1 in 2000. The area of the section is 42 m2. Find the dimensions of the section if it is to be most economical. Determine the discharge of the most economical section of C = 60.

3. Describe various types of flow in an open channel.

4. A rectangular channel with a base width of 0.60 m carries a discharge of 100 lps. The Chezy’s C is 60. If the depth of flow is 0.25 m, determine the bed slope of the channel

5. A rectangular channel 1.5m wide and depth 2.25m, discharge is 10m3/sec. calculate the specific
energy and depth alternate to the given depth.

6. A trapezoidal channel has a bottom width 6m, and side slope of 2h to 1v if a depth of flow is 1.2m at
a discharge of 10m3/sec. compute the specific energy and critical depth.

7. Define wide open channel and also what are the important assumptions in hydraulic parameters?

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Regulation 2013
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