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BA5105 Important Questions Organizational Behaviour Anna University

BA5105 Important Questions Organizational Behaviour

BA5105 Important Questions Organizational Behaviour Anna University free download. Organizational Behaviour Important Questions BA5105 pdf free download.

Sample BA5105 Important Questions Organizational Behaviour:

1 Explain the Challenges faced in today’s Organizations and Management.
Pramod is an engineer in a large engineer office. He hails from a poor but disciplined family. The
family has a rural background. For Pramod, it was ‘earn while you learn’ till he graduated BA5105 Important Questions Organizational Behaviour
himself with architecture as his major.
Pramod is intelligent and capable person. His boss wants to motivate him to be more independent in

2 his work. The boss believed that his approach will improve Pramod’s performance, relieve the
boss from extra routine and give Pramod more self-confidence. However the boss is not sure how
to go about motivating Pramod to take initiative in his work.
Questions: BA5105 Important Questions Organizational Behaviour
a. Find out the reasons for Pramod’s Behavior
b. Explain how the boss should motivate Pramod.

3 Study of Organizational Behavior helps Successful Managers’ – Justify.
4 Think as you are a Manager in Production firm – Which leadership Model would you adopt for that.

Hawthrone experiment _ What approach would you say the main Applying

3 changes introduced and their results.
i) Classify the various types of managerial roles.

4 ii) Discuss the OB framework. BA5105 Important Questions Organizational Behaviour
Describe the Nature of Organisational Behaviour

Human behaviour is more complex than what people believe”. Do you agree with this? & What are the factors that add complexity in human behaviour?

Subject name Organizational Behaviour
Short Name OB
Semester 1
Subject Code BA5105

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