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BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA

BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA

BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA Anna University free download. Brand Management Question Bank BA5001 pdf free download.

Sample BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA:

The case provides a detailed description of how Kerala, a small state situated in south India built a global reputation as a ‘brand’ over the years, as a tourist destination. The state’s humble beginnings and its gradual attainment of the position of the world’s top 10 paradises is explored in this case. The different marketing initiatives and media mix used by the state for tourism promotion have been examined. The case also touches on the difference between the attempt to brand India as a tourist destination and Kerala’s initiatives to brand itself and attract tourists.
Questions: Understand the importance of branding a place to successfully promote it as a tourist destination.
2 Discuss the statement “Private label producer can offer lower prices than retailers.” BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA
3 As a brand manager what is your strategy towards branding of Sports, Arts and Entertainment? BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA
4 Consumer preferences and Co-branding brings us to the issue of how relevant component branding is to consumer choice and preference. For a customer to make his purchase decision based on the branded component, the latter should be an important part of the final product as in the case of microprocessors or even car tyres. This is when the seller can get away with charging price premiums, but at times the branded component is so important that the consumer is willing to consider other final products with the same branded components. BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA This is a case of asymmetry in gains and losses when the component becomes more important than the product. Another danger is that of bundling two brands of which the customer likes and prefers one brand but has negative feelings over the other. As a result, the equity could get eroded significantly. The question is, can a strong brand help to tide over the negative attitude, and may result in a change of attitude over the other. BA5001 Question Bank Brand Management MBA Hence, the following questions are becoming very critical to decide the issue a. When does a consumer actually prefer branded components? (5 marks) b. What are the optimal pricing methods (including premium)? (5 marks) c. Post-alliance attitude towards both the brands? (5 marks)

Subject name Brand Management
Short Name BM
Semester 3
Subject Code BA5001

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