Anna University MCQ For Online Exams

Anna University MCQ For Online Exams

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List Of Subjects MCQ Available and we will be uploading other Subjects also Soon

  1. MG6863 – Engineering Economics
  2. ME6016 – Advanced IC Engines
  3. CS6801 – Multi Core Architectures and Programming
  4. EC6802 – Wireless Networks
  5. IE6605 – Production Planning And Control
  6. EE6009 – Power Electronics for Renewable Energy Systems
  7. GE6075 – Professional Ethics in Engineering
  8. EE6801 – Electric Energy Generation, Utilization
  9. GE6757- Total Quality Management
  10. EC6801 Wireless Communication
  11. MG6071 – Entrepreneurship Development
  12. CS6008 – Human Computer Interaction
  13. CE6021 Repair and Rehabilitation of Structures
  14. MG6851 Principles Of Management
  16. MG6088 Software Project Management
  17. CS6004 Cyber Forensics
  18. ME6019 – Non Destructive Testing And Materials
  19. IT6011 – Knowledge Management
  20. IT6013 Software Quality Assurance
  21. EE6010 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission HVDCT
  22. GE8071 – Disaster Management
  23. CE8301 Strength of Materials 1
  24. CE8302 Fluid Mechanics
  25. CE8351 Surveying
  26. CE8391 Construction Materials
  27. ME8391 Engineering Thermodynamics
  28. CE8394 Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
  29. EE8351 Digital Logic Circuits DLC 
  30. EE8391 Electromagnetic Theory ET
  31. EC8353 Electron Devices and Circuits EDC
  32. ME8792 Power Plant Engineering PPE
  33. EC8393 Fundamentals of Data Structures In C
  34. EC8352 Signals and Systems
  35. EC8392 Digital Electronics
  36. EC8391 Control Systems Engineering
  37. MA8351 Discrete Mathematics
  38. CS8391 Data Structures
  39. CS8392 Object Oriented Programming
  40. CE8501 Design of Reinforced Cement Concrete Elements
  41. CE8502 Structural Analysis 1
  42. EN8491 Water Supply Engineering
  43. ME8595 Thermal Engineering 2
  44. ME8593 Design of Machine Elements
  45. ME8501 Metrology and Measurements
  46. ME8594 Dynamics of Machines
  47. EE8551 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  48. EE8552 Power Electronics
  49. CS8392 Object Oriented Programming
  50. EC8501  Digital Communication
  51. EC8553  Discrete Time Signal Processing
  52. EC8552  Computer Architecture and Organization
  53. EC8551  Communication Networks
  54. MA8551 Algebra and Number Theory 
  55. CS8591 Computer Networks 
  56. EC8691 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers 
  57. CS8501 Theory of Computation 
  58. CS8592 Object Oriented Analysis and Design 
  59. CE8701 Estimation, Costing and Valuation Engineering
  60. CE8702 Railways, Airports, Docks and Harbour Engineering
  61. ME8792 Power Plant Engineering
  62. EE8701 High Voltage Engineering
  63. EE8703 Renewable Energy Systems
  64. EC8701  Antennas and Microwave Engineering
  65. EC8751  Optical Communication
  66. EC8791  Embedded and Real Time Systems
  67. MG8591  Principles of Management
  68. CS8792  Cryptography and Network Security
  69. CS8791  Cloud Computing
  70. MA8151 Engineering Mathematics 1
  71. PH8151 Engineering Physics
  72. CY8151 Engineering Chemistry
  73. GE8151 Problem Solving and Python Programming
  74. GE8152 Engineering Graphics

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Can you give a Aeronautical final semester subject MCQ type questions
1) Wind tunnel techniques( AE6801 )
2) Rocket and missiles( AE6015 )

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