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Important Note :

To get distinction Students must get atleast  8.5 CGPA Without any history of arrears in all their semesters.


Formula Used In CGPA Calculation:

The Formula used to calculate CGPA is

CGPA-Calculator Regulation 2017-Formula


n is number of all courses successfully cleared during the particular semester in the case of GPA

GPi is the point corresponding to the grade obtained for each course

Ci is the number of Credits assigned to the course

Grade System Followed for Regulation 2017:

Anna University has revised their Grade System which they follow previously and the upgraded grade system is provided for regulation 2017 .

Grade Grade Points Mark Range
O 10 91-100
A+ 9 81-90
A 8 71-80
B+ 7 61-70
B 6 50-60
RA 0 <50
SA 0  –
W 0  –